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The One Pound Hairdye – Does it Work?


When I saw this hair dye in B&M bargains, I have to say I was sceptical. All it cost was one solitary pound. How good could it be?

Derma V10 Permanent Salon Fashion Hair Colour in 10.01 Extra Light Natural Blonde

Now, I am no stranger to hair dyes – I have been using box dyes for a good few years. My poison of choice in my pre-vegan days was the L’Oreal Paris Preference in Lightest Natural Blonde. When I first turned vegan/cruelty free and realised L’Oreal was not guilt-free when it came to animal testing, I went straight for my newly found animal-harm free haven, Superdrug, and bought their own brand ‘Colour Performance’ hair dye. I was very impressed with the results, just as good as it’s L’oreal counterpart. However upon further research I have discovered that the Superdrug Brand hair dye is not fully vegan, sob! (Come on Superdrug, you do so well with most other own brand products!) So there I was, torn by my predicament – I had been dying my dark blonde hair to a light blonde for many years, now I had no dye to dye it with. Whats a gal to do? Well, I did NOTHING with my hair for months. My unsightly roots were getting bigger by the day, along with my sense of indecisiveness. I wanted blonde hair, but was my vanity worth innocent animals suffering – of course not!

Anyway, during my internal conflict, I saw this gem in B&M bargains. Right on the side of the box it says those precious magic words: SUITABLE FOR VEGANS. AGAINST ANIMAL TESTING. hairdye-3

Any one who dyes their own hair blonde (or any colour really) knows that there is always a bit of a risk. I always dread the moment of removing the towel from my damp freshly dyed hair and thinking – oh DEAR GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE. And I felt that using a hair dye that cost  just a single pound significantly increased the dubiousness of that risky towel-removing moment. However, in the name of all that is vegan, I just had to try it. I live life on the edge, okay?


So in the Derma v10 box we have a colour cream, the developer, a sachet of conditioner and a pair of plastic gloves. It was the same system as every other dye I’ve ever used, so nice and familiar. You just squeeze the tube of colour cream in to the plastic bottle, give it a good shake, and then distribute to the roots, working around your head in small sections! I always start at my centre parting and then work towards one ear then the other, then from my crown to the nape of my neck. DISCLAIMER: I am absolutely not a hair dresser at all and probably don’t do this!

The formula was a little runnier in consistency than I am used to, but was really easy to apply and didn’t drip or fall from my hair. The smell really wasn’t that bad at all, as some at home hair dyes can be so strong, this one really wasn’t anything to complain about. The development time was just 30 minutes, and it didn’t itch or feel ‘hot’ on my head, which are sensations I have previously experienced when using blonde hair dye. I consider this to be a gentle dye, on the rinse out it didn’t feel super dry and the conditioner left it silky soft.

The Results

I have to say I am pleased with the results. You can see that it has definitely lifted my roots, not quite to the colour of the lower part of my hair, but to be honest I always think there’s a bit of a ‘line’ no matter what dye I use, and I don’t mind if my roots appear a bit darker. It blends in nicely, probably more nicely in person, and I really like the natural looking colour it has provided me with. I will use a purple shampoo next wash to tone down any brassiness and yellow tones. I think I will try this again next time – Derma V10 could be my vegan hair dye future! Well done to them for creating a remarkable vegan friendly product for such a good value.

The Derma v10 does seem to be difficult to get hold of online, but I would keep an eye out in B&M bargains, Home Bargains, and perhaps even the pound shop. It does come in a huge range of colours. Do let me know if you try it, if you already use it, and what are your thoughts on this miraculous £1 find?

**all above products were bought and paid for by myself  – opinion is entirely my own**

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2 thoughts on “The One Pound Hairdye – Does it Work?

  1. I have just used this today,My hair has been bleached a few days ago , It left me with blue hair and yellow roots, I had nothing I could use so I tried Derma v10 10.01 extra light natural blonde. It has taken the blue out, it has removed the yellow and I now have extra light natural blonde, I am really pleased with this and have sent for two more on ebay and will continue to use it in the future. I did not know they sold this in pound land, but I would be happy to pay the going rate for this product.


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