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Kat Von D Beauty


HOW EXCITED was I when I found out that Kat Von D Beauty would be available from Debenhams? More excited then I’d ever been about anything beauty related, that’s for sure!

I am a HUGE fan of Kat Von D, and have been for a very long time, since the Miami & LA Ink Days. I actually went to High Voltage Tattoo when I was in LA a few years ago when they were still filming, and I actually saw the lovely lady in the flesh – it was so amazing (all be it lasted for about 90 seconds, but STILL). One of my favourite memories was being tattooed in that shop later that same day, by Nate Fierro (an incredible tattoo artist). I think Kat Von D is such a good role model to all women, she is fiercely her own person, and is so creative and thoughtful. Not to mention all the great work she does for animals, raising vegan awareness and encouraging a kindness towards others. I am so excited about being able to easily access her make up line in the UK!

Anyway, enough fan-girling and gushing, let’s look at some make-up! I ordered the London Calling limited edition set, which contains 3 items, and also the Lock It Concealer.


London Calling UK Exclusive Gift Set

When I was perusing the Debenhams website the day the Kat Von D Make up went live, I was in complete ‘Must. Not. Buy.’ mode, however I simply could not resist this set. At only £19.50 and containing three miniature products (Tattoo Liner, Studded Kiss Lipstick and Everlasting Liquid Lipstick), and to be honest I did the math and worked out if it was a good enough value for money with the amount of product you are getting. I think it works out really good value, and the joy of having three new high end miniature products to try is worth £19.50 in my opinion. I also quite like the fact they are miniatures – in real life how often do you ever finish a lipstick? I think this smaller size is super convenient and less prone to wastage.


Tattoo Liner in ‘Trooper’

I have actually tried this line before, about 6 years ago when I picked one up from Wonderland in LA, which is Kat Von D’s shop/gallery located next door to High Voltage Tattoo. I loved the liner then and I still love it now. (I could barely do a cat eye then and I still loved it). As before stated, this is a travel sized item, so arguably more difficult to use then a regular sized one with a longer barrel, but I still find it really nice to use. The tip of the applicator is very pointed and slightly flexible, fantastic for detail and getting a nice crisp wing. This liner is the blackest of black, is easy to use and stays on all day long. As soon as this travel size one runs out I will be buying a new one. Yes, Debenhams!


 Studded Kiss lipstick in ‘Lolita’

This lipstick is SO CUTE. Look at it! kat-von-d-4I adore the packaging, the little studs look great and feel nice to hold. The colour is beautiful, it’s described as a ‘Matt Dusty Rose’. It’s a little darker than I would normally wear for the office, however it’s not so in your face, therefore I have deemed it work-appropriate. And every where else appropriate. The colour lasts really well, I wouldn’t say all day long though – but when it does wear off it’s nice and even so you don’t get that weird bare-middle-lip-gap (you know, I know you do).


Top: Everlasting Liquid Lip ‘Double Dare’ Bottom: Studded Kiss Lipstick ‘Lolita’

‘Everlasting’ liquid lipstick in ‘Double Dare’

This was probably the item I was most looking forward to trying, as I love lipsticks of the matt-liquid variety. This lipstick is better on smooth, non-chapped lips so a bit of a lip-scrub before application is definitely beneficial here. However, I don’t always let that stop me. Again, beautiful colour, a ‘Cocoa Blush’ as per the website, and this one really does last all day. As in, even after eating, which I think is amazing. Very impressed, another hit for me.


Lock-It Creme Conclealer £20

At £20, this is the most expensive concealer I’ve ever owned, so I had sky-high hopes for it! I think that’s why I felt ever so slightly disappointed with this, but that being said it is a great concealer. I got the shade 1 – Light Neutral, which was a guess (the downside of ordering on line). I would say that it is a bit light for me, which is a phenomenon I am totally not used to – as the palest girl in the room, I always tend to just pick up the lightest version of anything and it’s usually a good match! However I think this is a testament of the size of the shade range for this concealer – TWENTY ONE shades covering all manners of light and deep tones, (plus a completely white concealer which looks amazing) – I think that is impressive and great to see a brand catering to all colours of the skin. So as this shade is a bit light for me, I just use it under my eyes only, and it brightens that area right up. As long as I have been using an eye cream it looks great and stays put all day. The coverage isn’t quite as outstanding as I hoped – but I think that’s down to my unrealistic expectations rather than the quality of the product. I seem to be liking this concealer more and more as I use it, and the tiniest amount covers both under eye areas, so it will last a long time, which makes it good value in the long run.

So there we have it – my first UK foray into the world of Kat Von D make up – I think this will be a long and fruitful relationship and I cannot wait to get more Vegan & Cruelty Free goodies from this brand.

**all above products were bought and paid for by myself – opinion is entirely my own**

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