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Rosie by Autograph Eau De Parfum

Fragrances on the cruelly free and vegan market are pretty hard to come by in my experience. A lovely perfume that I have found recently is the Rosie by Autograph from Marks & Spencers.


I wouldn’t normally would think to go to M&S for cosmetics, but I have discovered that it is quite a treasure trove of cruelty free and vegan goodies! I was initially drawn in to the stunning display of Rosie by Autograph make up – seriously it looks amazing and is pretty good if the reviews are anything to go by. I am very tempted to pick something up soon! Amongst the beautiful looking lipsticks and eyeshadows was the fragrance collection with some testers. The one I’m talking about today is the original fragrance in the white box, and is particularly lovely. There is also a ‘Nuit’ and a ‘Summer Rose’ version, both are nice but this one is definitely head and shoulders above them for me.

A snippet from the M&S website on the creation of the scent:

“This beautiful floral scent, chosen by Rosie, was developed exclusively for Marks and Spencer by an influential New York based perfumer and is a perfect blend of vintage femininity and contemporary freshness. Our rose oil is produced using handpicked roses from the South France, a tradition dating back three generations by the family who harvest the roses, ensuring the perfect quality for use in our Rosie for Autograph fragrance”

Also worth noting that it clearly states on the M&S website that this product is safe for vegans, and the packaging itself sports the cruelty-free rabbit logo. From what I have seen, most, if not all Marks and Spencer own brand cosmetics are cruelty free and vegan, which is brilliant. The packaging is really beautiful, a sturdy white box with gold foil blocking detail, and inside the lid is a little quote from Rosie. The bottle itself is a lovely classic design, with rose-gold hardware featuring an embossed rose on the lid. It is really stunning and wouldn’t look out-of-place on anyones dressing table. It could give more expensive bottles of perfume a run for their money.


This scent isn’t as long-lasting as others, but fares pretty well most of the day, especially when layered with the body lotion. I often even give my clothes or scarf a bit of a spray just to make the scent stay with me all day long.

Pre-vegan I never really had a ‘signature scent’ or even a perfume I bought more than once really – but this is a scent I can really get on with and it fills me with happiness every time I smell it! I think that’s a powerful thing about make-up and cosmetic products – that burst of joy that they can create really shouldn’t be underestimated. And to have products that are cruelty free and vegan, so no animals were harmed to create that happiness – that makes it all the more joyful!

I genuinely love this scent – I have even been out and bought the gift set for myself (intended for gifting – oops) that contains a 30ml perfume, a body lotion and a small candle. Amazingly, the gift-set is currently 50% off here, which makes it just £12.50. This is fantastic value considering the 30ml perfume alone is usually £14 (which is sold out online, but check in-store!).

**all above products were bought and paid for by myself  – opinion is entirely my own**

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3 thoughts on “Rosie by Autograph Eau De Parfum

  1. The packaging for this perfume is so pretty !!! It’s so hard to find cruelty free fragrances, so I’m always trying to find new ones to try!


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