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Oh my GOSH


As a fairly newbie vegan (6 months and counting!), I am currently tackling the process of replacing all of my make up and cosmetic products with cruelty-free and vegan products. As much as I wish I could just chuck out/give away all of my old products and replace them all with awesome cruelty free doppelgängers, this is not practical and fund-friendly. So as I go through and use up my collection, piece by piece, I thought it could be helful to those on a similar journey to mine to show my animal-friendly findings. It can be a bit of a minefield searching for products that are both cruelty-free AND vegan (for a brilliant explanation of the difference, please read this awesome post). I have been doing a lot of research on the various excellent vegan beauty blogs that have provided me with a wealth of information about the products that are available to me.

So here we go – first thing that I ran out of was BASE PRODUCTS. A great place to start, right?

GOSH are cruelty free and are found in Superdrug in the UK. They have a fantastic range of products that ARE VEGAN. I used this list to help me chose from only the vegan products. I have always liked Gosh even pre-vegan, so I was really pleased at this news! Superdrug often have them on at 3 for 2 as well, so it makes it really good value for money. So, rather predictably, I have THREE products to share with you today.


Gosh Foundation Drops

This foundation boasts SPF10 (SPF always a bonus in my book) and hydrating and soothing qualities. I have combination skin, which is a charming duo of a ridiculously oily chin and really dry eyelids and nostrils. I think this fares really well, I wear it to work and it holds up through out the day and just requires minimum blotting around lunch time. The coverage is definitely buildable, and the foundation itself is really fluid so easy to blend and distribute evenly. It also comes with a pipette dispenser, which is a great way to get the exact right amount of foundation you need and cut down on wastage. Also very satisfying to squeeze. Anyone…? Just me?

I have been using Gosh Foundation Drops for a while now and I have to say that I think it is great! I have always struggled to find the perfect foundation and this is definitely one of my all-time favourites.


Gosh BB Powder

This BB powder claimed to be light matt coverage with the added benefits of moisturising skin care. I LOVE THIS POWDER. I am currently doing the big circular motion with my powder brush round the edge of the pan to get every LAST DROP of this product, and then I will go buy another one. I have never been loyal to powder, so I think that is a testament in itself. I do like a mattifying powder, and this is matt but not TOO matt, and has a lovely velvet soft finish. I use it under my eyes and don’t find it too cakey either. Another great find from Gosh. Also works really nicely with the Foundation Drops, and just adds a little extra coverage.

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Gosh Click’n Conceal

Ahh it couldn’t be three out of three could it!? Whilst the concealer itself wasn’t that bad, the thing that let this down for me was the packaging. The concealer was quite brightening, but the coverage wasn’t really there unfortunately. I like a concealer to really conceal, nobody wants to see my red blemishes peeking though. However maybe if you do like a lighter coverage and just want something for brightening maybe its a formula you will enjoy. Anyway, the packaging. The concealer comes in a nice black ‘pen’ shaped container, and you click the end (like a pen!) and the product is dispensed onto a small brush. All well and good, except after a few uses the black lacquer that was on the barrel of the product just started to rub off, so my hand was covered in tiny, small pieces of the lacquer. They really stuck on my skin as well, I REALLY tried to keep up the use of the product and just used a face wipe to remove the paint-like pieces, but after a few attempts of this I ended up just throwing the product away. Which I hate doing, but it was just too messy! Maybe I got a dud product, or it could have been stored in a weird place before I bought it and it caused the packaging to react or something…I don’t know! Has this happened to you?

So there we have it – overall I think Gosh is a fantastic brand and produce some really nice quality products for a very reasonable price. I also think the look of the packaging is great, the sleek black outer with minimal white text just looks really stylish and luxurious. I look forward to picking up some more bits from Gosh and I am really thrilled they offer such great cruelty free and vegan options to the high street.

**all above products were bought and paid for by myself – opinion is entirely my own**

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