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Daily Vegan Toiletries from Superdrug


Supedrug is just SO GOOD at providing vegan and cruelty free options. It’s just so great as you are perusing the isles to turn the product over and on the back see the magical words ‘Suitable for vegans’ and the little rabbit symbol of ‘Cruelty Free’. In the future I would of course like to explore other ethical options and support smaller businesses, but for transitioning vegans, getting good quality products on a budget AND the ease of it being on the highstreet, you really cannot beat it. I picked up a few bits on my last visit to Superdrug and just thought I would run through them here. These could arguably be considered to be the boring parts of beauty, but they are daily basics that every one needs.

When I first realised that the everyday products I use and buy over and over again could in some way contribute to harm to animals I was so shocked and didn’t know where to start in looking for alternatives, or if there even were alternatives. Now I feel I am getting better at vegan cosmetic shopping and dodging the numerous minefields that are out there. Think of the change you can make by just swapping your tooth paste to a cruelty free one! With the big corporate companies it seems that ‘MONEY TALKS’ (have you seen Spinal Tap?) so why not spend your hard earned cash on cruelty free and vegan products. The ones that do test on animals will start to notice and make changes eventually.

Also worth noting – the price of these products I feel is ridiculously reasonable, and there are nearly always various offers on to get even more bang for your buck. This flies in the face of the attitude that cruelty free and vegan products are more expensive. Since the switch I feel I often save money on products, and I’m not swayed into buying the regular brands for the sake of habit.


Superdrug Pro Care Mouthwash / £2.49

Pre-vegan I always used Listerine, and it was pretty good, if expensive for what you got. This mouthwash is about half the price and is every bit as good. I always get the whitening one but there are other versions available.


Pro Care Whitening Toothpaste / Currently on offer for 97p (!) – Usually £1.99

Okay, was there ever a more a daily necessity? This is great, again I get the whitening one but there are loads of different options to suit your toothy needs! A snip of the price of what I used to pay for Oral B. This is nearly always on offer too.


Pro Care Whitening Dental Floss / £1.99

Yep. Whitening floss. It ticks every box that floss could possibly tick!


Shampoo & Conditioner / Currently on offer for £1.09 – Usually £2.29

I have tried the really cheapy cheap shampoo and conditioner from Superdrug, (about 90p each!?) and whilst it’s not brilliant it definitely does the job in a pinch. Also, I always shave my legs using conditioner so great to have a cheaper bottle on hand for that. These pictured, however, are the slightly higher price but still reasonable Shampoo & Conditioners that are very similar to Pantene, in terms of scent and packaging. The consistency is a little thinner, but the quality isn’t bad at all. NOTE: Not ALL of this range has ‘Suitable for Vegans’ on the reverse, it seems only ‘Suitable for Vegetarians’ was on most – do double check! (This doesn’t mean it is necessarily not suitable for vegans – but for ease I just went for the one I was sure about!)


Fruity Shower Gel / Currently on offer at 69p – Usually 99p

Such a huge range of great, fun scents. This one smells devine. Comparable to Original Source shower gels, which is also a great Vegan friendly product.


Anti-Bacterial Handwash / £1.39

As much as I truly LOVE a Lush soap sat in my soap dish, I always think theres something a BIT weird about having to use a bar of soap to wash my hands at some one else’s house…anyone else? Just me? So, particularly for the sake of guests and also for the kitchen sink, I always have a pump-dispenser style hand wash. This does the job nicely! Plus I got two for one on these! Superdrug, you spoil me.

Do you ever shop at Superdrug? What are your must buys? Let me know!

**all above products were bought and paid for by myself  – opinion is entirely my own**

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